Afghanistan PwDs team commended

Afghanistan PwDs team, which reached the semi-finals of the Physical Disability World Cricket Series in England, were commended by ACB top management and officials in an event organized at ACB Head office in Kabul.

The event was attended by ACB Chairman Mr. Farhan Yusefzai, CEO Mr. Lutfullah Stanikzai , Deputy Minister of the state ministry for Martyrs and disabled affairs, Mr. Bashir Ahmad Wali and other officials.

Mr. Yusefzai appreciated the team’s performance against stronger teams in the tournament and added, “You have made your country proud and we will support you so you continue to achieve more in the future as well. “

Deputy Minister of the State Ministry for Martyrs and Disabled Affairs, Mr. Bashir Ahmad Wali thanked the players for proudly representing their country. He added, “ I thank the players who managed to beat stronger sides in the tournament. I also express my thanks to ACB leadership for providing them with proper training and facilities. I hope that our PwDs team continue to achieve more in the future and make their country proud. “

Mr. Wali then presented all 22 players with financial rewards while ACB Chairman reiterated his support for them.

Afghanistan PwDs team beat Bangladesh, Pakistan and England and lost to India in the group stage of the Physical Disability World Cricket Series 2019. before losing to hosts England in the Semi Final.