ACB Leadership: We want Afghan Cricket to be financially stable

ACB’s newly appointed Chairman, Mr. Farhan Yusefzai says that he wants ACB to be financially stable in order to further develop and strengthen the game in the country as it is the only source of joy and pride for the Afghan nation.

Mr. Yusefzai said: “It's a great honour and privilege to be appointed as Chairman of Afghanistan Cricket Board. Cricket is the source of immense joy and pride for our entire nation. Together with all stakeholders, we will sustain and continue the growth of Afghan cricket at both national & International levels.”

The chairman further added that the focus will be on the development of a strong infrastructure where technical facilities will be provided to players at all levels. He emphasized that transparency of affairs will be a priority for his administration.

Mr. Yusefzai remarked that the players should be appreciated for the achievements that they have managed in a short period of time. According to him, the players’ rights should be protected post-retirement and their expertise used in relevant areas as they are the true heroes of the country. He said, “Cricket is the sport that has given joy to the nation and it should be cherished. The players should be engaged further and their achievements appreciated. “

Mr. Yusefzai also talked about the recruitment of the coaching staff and the important role that they play in the overall development of players. He concluded that the more experienced coaches are, the better they will be able to train the players.

ACB CEO, Mr. Lutfullah Stanikzai pointed out the importance of strengthening and developing junior level cricket and providing them with the required infrastructure in cooperation with the government and other partners. According to Mr. Stanikzai, there is abundant talent in the country at the junior level which is our strength. The talent of these players needs to be polished and their energy channelized properly.

Stanikzai further said, “The selection policy will be implemented transparently and the required information shared with the public on time. “He continued, “There is a lack of planning that affects the operations in all aspects including revenue generation and ensuring the required standards in both on-field and off-field activities. Henceforth, we will focus on planning as such to prevent any wastage of resources. “

Mr. Stanikzai added, “We need to invest more in the technical aspect if we want to produce good players. The coaching staff would be required to pay specific attention to players’ techniques that will result in the players being ready for all the formats of the game.”

Addressing the right to access to information through Media, Mr. Stanikzai remarked, “Media is an important stakeholder as it is our voice that conveys our message to the Public, therefore, we hope and seek to maintain a cordial relationship. “